No Makeup for Me!

Yes, no make up! I have worn make up about 5 times since the beginning of 2016. I am now confident in my skin and it is a wonderful feeling!

New Years Eve 2017 I went to a wedding. I put on a full face of make up for the event after about 6 months of no make up at all. The whole time I was waiting for it to be over because I didn’t feel like me. I didn’t like suffocating my skin, and I really wished I had never put it on. After that night I threw out the rest of my make up. I realized how much I love my skin even with blemishes and scars. The funny thing is that just a couple years ago I was wearing makeup every day all day. Not able to leave my house without my face covered up.

Sophomore year is when I found foundation, and almost instantly it became my best friend. Acne covered my face and it made me feel less beautiful. I tried covering up my physical insecurities and in reality I was also trying to hide other insecurities in my life. I painted the heck out of my face thinking it would make me be more attractive or at least less ugly. I started off on a negative path with makeup from the start. Hiding who I was, thinking some other thing would make me pretty was a mistake. It didn’t help me feel beautiful in my own skin!

About a year after I graduated is when I slowly transitioned into not wearing makeup. I had joined a gym at 19 and the makeup was melting off my face every workout. The decision to stop wearing makeup during my workouts started soon after I realized I looked like a clown every time I left the gym. A result of that decision was that my skin started to clear up. I couldn’t believe it! Then I decided to not wear makeup to work, and next I stopped wearing makeup to go grocery shopping. After a little while I started getting used to not wearing makeup and not having to spend the 20 minutes putting on makeup every day. Covering up my face slowly became a thing only for very special occasions. That transitioned into not wearing makeup at all! I’ve gotten used to going everywhere with my bare face, and I love it. The confidence I have in my skin is 100% different than it was a couple years ago. Deciding to be makeup free has helped me clear my skin, gain confidence in my appearance, and appreciate how far I’ve come.

It’s important to feel beautiful in my skin. That is why I stopped wearing makeup because I didn’t see or feel that I was. Now after two years I’ve finally come to a place of confidence with how I look, and let me tell ya, it’s truly freeing!!

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  1. 925brands says:

    keep sharing, smiles, happiness, glows…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. enchantedcanyonkitchen says:

    Yay for you! Thanks so much for sharing your story, I’m guessing you will probably inspire others to play around with wearing less or no make up! When women go around around looking as lovely as you with no make up some folks can’t help but notice!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shay says:

      🙂 Thank you for your kind words! I definitely hope all women can one day feel confident in their own skin!


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